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Are mice teasing you? Are rats running in the corners? Is the common rabbit a nuisance?
Not anymore! DOLUS is an effective and time-saving way to solve your problem! High quality DOLUS traps now available for order! DOLUS traps are developed specifically for your needs! Time saving and comfort DOLUS traps inform your tablet or smart phone when pests are trapped. DOLUS traps also notify you when its time to change the battery.

Various baits can be used to attract pests to the trap.

DOLUS traps are designed for difficult circumstances and year round use.

No more will trapped pests stay rotting and spreading disease or odors, because the trap informs you when pests are caught.


MTrap - mouse trap is a basic requirement for every home to quickly and effectively trap mice. Mtrap – mouse trap is no danger to children or pets as opposed to dangers of pesticides.


RTrap - mouse trap is a basic requirement for every home to quickly and effectively trap rats. RTrap – Rat trap is no danger to children or pets as opposed to dangers of pesticides.


STrap - mouse trap is a basic requirement for every home to quickly and effectively trap mice. Strap – mouse trap is no danger to children or pets as opposed to dangers of pesticides.

GW 100
GW 100

deliveries for devices on pre-order begin on: September 1, 2015
DOLUS traps transmit information of animals caught in traps to the GW100 base staion, which informs your mobile phone. DOLUS traps use the wide range frequency 433Mhz to transmit information to the base station. The range can be up to several kilometers*.

GW100 is easy to use!

Insert a SIM card and the device is ready to use. Even setup is easy. It is quickly and easily configured by text message.

*range depends on terrain and antenna height


Selecting a good bait is the key to success. Below is a list of our bait selection as well as trial packages. Through trial packages you can see which bait is most effective in your specific area.

MTrap trial package includes:
BB-01 - cheese bait
BB-02 - meat bait
BB-03 - bread bait
BB-04 - mice pack deli
BB-05 - mice pack special


DOLUS starter kit has all you to set up your defence!

1 x DOLUS MTrap
1 x GW 100
1 x power adapter and cable
2 x standard antenna

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Q: How do I know when a mouse is caught in the trap?
A: When a mouse is caught in the trap it sends a notification to the GW-100 base station, which delivers the message to the user.

Q: My mobile subscription has free text messages, can the base station send SMS messages?
A: The base station can be configured to send SMS messages instead of data messages.

Q: How do I know when the battery needs to be changed
A: The trap informs via a message when battery needs changing.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: At least one year, but in optimal circumstances up to 3 years.

Q: How many traps can be connected to one base station?
A: Up to 200 traps

Q: How far can the traps be from the base staion?
A: The signal range depends on the environment and antennas used. Outdoors the range can be up to 1KM with the standard antenna.

Q: What kind of guarantee do your products have?
A: All products have a 2 year guarantee from the purchase date with your receipt.

Q: Where can I get the apps in my tablet or smartphone?
A: You can download from Google Play or Apple Store

Q: Are the baits poisonous?
A: Baits do not contain any poison.

Q: How long can the baits be kept in the traps?
A: The best effect is up to about 3 weeks, but up to one year has shown effective.

Q: How can a trap be cleaned?
A: Traps are designed to be cleaned with DOLUS DS disinfectant and cleaning agents, which destroys germs and bacteria.

Q: Are the devices CE certified?
A: Devices are CE certified and they have the following standards: EN61000-6EMC,EN301489-1,EN301220-1,EN301220-1,EN301489-3,EN301220-3. The manufacturers declaration can be seen at: www.dolus.eu/declaration.

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DOLUS® traps are designed for quality conscious customers and professionals. We are one of the leading companies in this sector in Finland and abroad. The majority of our products are exported. DOLUS® traps are made in Finland and made with great care and precision, and go through a vigorous quality control system.

Our products include the high quality DOLUS MTrap, RTrap, STrap traps as 24/7 pest control services, which is designed for professionals in the pest control sector. We are actively designing new products and endeavor to expand our product offering with high quality and interesting products based on customer response, so feel free to contact us!

As a customer you are very important to us. The customer is at the center of our business, and as such is treated with respect and honor. We work with in accord with high morals and maintain ethical standards and transparency in our work. Our goal is to guide our business in accord with your needs.

Our work is based on trust. We want you to feel safe in dealing with us. We always keep our promises and are honest, fair and trustworthy. We deliver the products as promised during the order.

We work ecologically and want to have a positive effect on society. In addition to high quality being our focus, we also endeavor to focus on the ethical side of our products. So our production chain is as transparent as possible. We care for our environment now and in the future. Caring for future generations is important to us.

We work to improve ourselves continually and want to make our customers purchase experience simple and comfortable. We will happily listen to your feedback to improve our methods to become even more customer friendly.

Welcome as one of our customers!

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